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About Us

College is hard. At CramBetter, our goal is to make it a lot easier. Instead of overwhelming you with information, we focus on the material that’s most likely to show up on your exams — helping you get better grades in less time.

We’re especially good at making complicated topics like math, physics, and chemistry simpler to understand (and a little less boring 😅). We break down exam content into bite-sized video lessons with clear example problems, solved step-by-step.

To make sure you’re on track, we give you practice exam questions that look just like what you’d see on a test. You’ll build confidence as you try them out, and if you ever get stuck, we have video solutions available for every single one. Sign up now to get instant access!

Photo of CramBetter on a laptop

Your Physics Tutor: Steven

Steven graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in physics, then earned a Master of Arts in science education from the University of Central Florida while working as a College Board AP Physics teacher.

By doing private physics tutoring at universities for a few years after that, Steven figured out reliable tricks to help college students pass their exams — eventually leading him to co-found CramBetter.

Photos of Steven Keys, physics tutor

When he’s not solving physics problems on video, Steven loves to travel. He’s been to all 50 states and all 63 US National Parks (even the remote wilderness parks in Alaska!), so feel free to hit him up for tips on camper van life and landscape photography.

Your Math & Chemistry Tutor: Marty

Marty attended the University of Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in statistics, a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics, and a Master of Science in electrical engineering.

While working as a teaching assistant for math and physics professors, he also did research on control systems. Later, he also taught high school physics and AP Computer Science.

Marty prides himself on making difficult concepts easier to understand. He’s been tutoring since he was a teenager, and he believes that anybody is capable of learning tough subjects with the right help.

Photos of Marty Parks, math tutor

Aside from working on CramBetter videos, Marty loves to learn languages, travel, and produce music. He’s fluent in Spanish and has studied French and Hebrew, too. Reach out to him if you wanna share something interesting about a language you speak!