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Jobs for College Students

CramBetter is an online study platform that makes math and science classes easier, so students can spend less time buried in textbooks and more time on the college experience. We’re a growing startup in the edtech space looking for motivated people to help us expand.

Right now, we’re hiring students at all US colleges and universities for gigs with flexible hours and relatively low time commitments. None are full-time or involve rigid schedules. If you’re just looking to make some extra cash between classes, one of the opportunities listed below might be a perfect fit!

Before applying for a job with us, please take a moment to get familiar with our platform first.

Photo of a college student job with CramBetter

Available Positions

Interested in one of the student jobs below? Email us to set up an interview: [email protected]

Class Representative

  • Requirements: Must be currently enrolled in one or more of the following courses at any US college or university: Physics 1 or 2, General Chemistry 1 or 2, Calculus 1, 2, or 3, Precalculus, or Trigonometry.
  • Description: Blended in-person and remote position. Provide information about your class to help us customize our study guides and videos. Pass out information and free study materials to your classmates. Post about CramBetter sales and discounts in your class group chats and on social media.
  • Compensation: Starting at $20/hr for in-person work, plus project-based and commission-based remote opportunities. One month of free access to CramBetter services for the class you’re representing.

On-Campus Promoter

  • Requirements: Must be a current student at any US college or university who is outgoing and not afraid to talk to other students on campus.
  • Description: In-person position. Pass out coupons, hang flyers, and encourage other students to sign up for CramBetter.
  • Compensation: Starting at $20/hr.

Digital Marketer

  • Requirements: Must be an active member of online communities relating to US colleges and universities, including group chats, subreddits, Facebook groups, forums, etc.
  • Description: Fully remote position. Post about CramBetter in online communities and on social media. Generate content about CramBetter.
  • Compensation: Project-based pay for each task completed (for example, $10 each time you post in your university’s subreddit prior to an exam cycle).


  • Requirements: Must be self-motivated, independent, and able to think creatively. Sales experience preferred, but not required.
  • Description: Blended in-person and remote position. Creatively find potential CramBetter customers and directly drive sales and signups.
  • Compensation: Unlimited commission-based pay starting at $10 per conversion.